Let them break the stereotypes

In today's article there were thousands of illegal immigrants arrested. Most of them criminals and fugitives. I just wanted to tie this back to yesterday's article. I'm sure that what you are thinking is "why would we help illegal immigrants with the dream act when they are all criminals?" Well they aren't. This is the stereotype that that illegal immigrants have been given but they are not all criminals. If you would let these students come forward and show you that they are good standing people then they would break this stereotype. If you would reach out and help them they would prove all of the sterotypes wrong. All they need is som recognition. But of course they won't come forward by themselves because they are afraid they will get deported.
These kids are too busy trying to get good grade to be out committing crimes.


Romney is losing the Hispanic vote

The name of the article for today is called "GOP Tries to Woo Hispanics"

It talks a lot about the immigration laws. Rubio wants to pass the Dream Act. Originally the Dream Act was going to allow illegal students to gani citizenship if they were to do at least 2 year of college. Rubio has reviewed the law so that it does not grant these students citizenship but it will grant them legal status. Romney is altogether against it. Romney thinks that laws like the one in Arizona will make people self-deport and come back legally. I don't think he understands the dream act is not for everyone. It is for students. For children brought here before they knew any better. Rubio bring up a girl that was brought here when she was 4 years old, she is her class valedictorian and on her way to college but she received a deportation notice. She was 4 when she came here! She had no choice it's not fair that they are uprooting her from everything that she knows to be home. This is not some delinquent school drop out selling drugs, she's has the potential to contribute to this country if they would let her. There are thousands and thousand of kids in her situation. Romney is out if his mind is students like her are going to self-deport. This is their country. This is the only country they've known. And I bet you anything that most of these students don't even know the language of the country that they were born in. There has to be some sort of immigration reform. Romney can not think that the only solution is to deport EVERYONE. Romney has lost so many respect points in my book.


March 31 2012

This article is really fun! It just tells you all about the awesome iPhone camera apps that there out there. It's written in the perspective of an old digital camera. This camera is talk to its fellow cameras that have been left in junk drawers. It's funny and informative! It's everything that I want in a news article. If you have an iPhone you can check out all the apps that you can get for your phone's camera. If you don't own one, get one. Or be jealous. The article has also given names to some of the poses that people camera phones do while taking pictures. There is one called the statue of liberty and rightly so. This pose is the one you get into when you are in a crowd, you are behind a lot of people but you really want a shot of what's going on. What do you do? you stretch your arm up really high and you take the shot. Can you imagine it? Haha.

Featured below is one of my awesome Instagram pictures that makes me feel like Ansel Adams....not.

March 28th 2012

This picture was taken on instagram and tweeted at the Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin. This story isn't new but I think that it is important to talk about. There is so much talk about this kid and the guy who killed him. A lot of people are talking about how this was a hate crime. Some say that this kid was armed others say that he had a bag of skittles in pocket. Some say that the man that killed him was told my authorities to stay in his car, others say that he shot him because Trayvon came at him in a threatening manner. Personally I think that there is too much publicity on the fact that he was black. So he was black. Isn't it a shame that a boy has been killed, no matter what color his skin was. As far as I can tell the reports have said that Trayvon was not armed. That, right there is what we should be focusing on. Not that he was dressed in a big hoodie. There are also some pictures going around of Trayvon where he is making obscene gestures at the camera and people are saying that this is a testament to his character but what teenager doesn't make obscene gestures as cameras these days? I can name a handful. The things is that people are starting to lose faith in America's justice system. It's corrupt for sure but in the end I really do believe that Trayvon's killer will be brought to justice. Have some faith people.

What do you guys think about this whole mess?


I Always Lose My Phone

The article I found today was tweeted by the WSJ but it's on the SmartMoney blog. The article was intriguing to me because I always lose my phone. It used to happen a lot more before I got an iPhone because I didn't use my phone as much. Just for calls and text. I used to use up to 1,000 text messages and I would STILL lose my phone all the time. But now that I have an iPhone I am always conscious about where it is because if I'm not texting, I'm checking my facebook or my twitter. Do you want to know how much I text now? At the end of last month's cycle I had used up 10,000 text messages. You probably aren't surprised. I know people that text way more than that! I have a cousin that used up 100,000 text messages at the beginning of the month. Yeah, not even at the end of the month! Back to the article, the article says that losing cell phones is costing Americans $30 billion a year!

The top 10 places for lost or stolen phones were:

  1. Coffee Shop
  2. Bar
  3. Office
  4. Restaurant
  5. Apartment & condo
  6. Grocery store
  7. Gas station
  8. Residential homes
  9. Pharmacy or drug store
  10. Park
Apartment and condo? Residential Homes? I feel like if you lose your phone at home it's not really lost, it's just misplaced. I don't think that should be on the list. Who permanently loses their phone at home? And if it wasn't lost but stolen then don't complain. Find trustworthy friends and don't let strangers touch your things.


Control Your Volume

Sounds like we're talking about music right? Wrong! The WSJ just had an article about how to lower the volume of your sneeze. This article tells us why some people are louder sneezers than others. It has a lot to do with our individual anatomy. Which makes sense, I feel like smaller people have that mousy sneeze where, afterwards, everyone always says "oh my goodness, bless your heart, that was a such a cute little sneeze!" You've never heard anyone say that? Maybe I'm the only one that says that. I've always been pretty jealous of those sneezers. I mean, who doesn't want their sneeze to be cute? I am not a loud sneezer comparatively speaking but they can get pretty loud.

The article shares some suggestions on how to lower the volume of your sneeze. One of these suggestiong is to clench your teech and keep your lips from touching so that pressure doesn't build up, causing you to make a silly noise with your mouth. This noise might cause someone to say "bless your heart, that was a crazy noise."

But the thing about this article that scared me most is that, Jayakar Nayak, assistant professor of otolaryngology at the Stanford Sinus Center said that you should never plug your nose when you sneeze. I am so guilty of plugging my nose! He says that "medical journals have recorded incidents of larynx fractures, voice changes , ruptured eardrums, damage to soft tissue in the neck, bulging eyeballs, bladder incontinence and more." As you as my witness, I will never plug my nose during a sneeze again! S'not worth it. Get it? snot?

Here is the article for you!


Smiling is my favorite.

I am all about videos right now!

I've always really enjoyed smiling. It really is one of my favorite things to do. I love texting sometimes because my friends are so funny when I am texting them that it gives me that urge to smile and it gives me the endorphins that I need to get through my day! I love when people tell me that they love my smile. I think it's because I do a lot of social smiling but when people see my real smile they understand me or something. I also really like noticing other peoples smiles. When they interact with new people, when they interact with someone they don't particularly like or when they interact with someone they like very much. Look for it next time you are people watching at the crossroads! It's fun.