March 31 2012

This article is really fun! It just tells you all about the awesome iPhone camera apps that there out there. It's written in the perspective of an old digital camera. This camera is talk to its fellow cameras that have been left in junk drawers. It's funny and informative! It's everything that I want in a news article. If you have an iPhone you can check out all the apps that you can get for your phone's camera. If you don't own one, get one. Or be jealous. The article has also given names to some of the poses that people camera phones do while taking pictures. There is one called the statue of liberty and rightly so. This pose is the one you get into when you are in a crowd, you are behind a lot of people but you really want a shot of what's going on. What do you do? you stretch your arm up really high and you take the shot. Can you imagine it? Haha.

Featured below is one of my awesome Instagram pictures that makes me feel like Ansel Adams....not.

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