I Always Lose My Phone

The article I found today was tweeted by the WSJ but it's on the SmartMoney blog. The article was intriguing to me because I always lose my phone. It used to happen a lot more before I got an iPhone because I didn't use my phone as much. Just for calls and text. I used to use up to 1,000 text messages and I would STILL lose my phone all the time. But now that I have an iPhone I am always conscious about where it is because if I'm not texting, I'm checking my facebook or my twitter. Do you want to know how much I text now? At the end of last month's cycle I had used up 10,000 text messages. You probably aren't surprised. I know people that text way more than that! I have a cousin that used up 100,000 text messages at the beginning of the month. Yeah, not even at the end of the month! Back to the article, the article says that losing cell phones is costing Americans $30 billion a year!

The top 10 places for lost or stolen phones were:

  1. Coffee Shop
  2. Bar
  3. Office
  4. Restaurant
  5. Apartment & condo
  6. Grocery store
  7. Gas station
  8. Residential homes
  9. Pharmacy or drug store
  10. Park
Apartment and condo? Residential Homes? I feel like if you lose your phone at home it's not really lost, it's just misplaced. I don't think that should be on the list. Who permanently loses their phone at home? And if it wasn't lost but stolen then don't complain. Find trustworthy friends and don't let strangers touch your things.


Control Your Volume

Sounds like we're talking about music right? Wrong! The WSJ just had an article about how to lower the volume of your sneeze. This article tells us why some people are louder sneezers than others. It has a lot to do with our individual anatomy. Which makes sense, I feel like smaller people have that mousy sneeze where, afterwards, everyone always says "oh my goodness, bless your heart, that was a such a cute little sneeze!" You've never heard anyone say that? Maybe I'm the only one that says that. I've always been pretty jealous of those sneezers. I mean, who doesn't want their sneeze to be cute? I am not a loud sneezer comparatively speaking but they can get pretty loud.

The article shares some suggestions on how to lower the volume of your sneeze. One of these suggestiong is to clench your teech and keep your lips from touching so that pressure doesn't build up, causing you to make a silly noise with your mouth. This noise might cause someone to say "bless your heart, that was a crazy noise."

But the thing about this article that scared me most is that, Jayakar Nayak, assistant professor of otolaryngology at the Stanford Sinus Center said that you should never plug your nose when you sneeze. I am so guilty of plugging my nose! He says that "medical journals have recorded incidents of larynx fractures, voice changes , ruptured eardrums, damage to soft tissue in the neck, bulging eyeballs, bladder incontinence and more." As you as my witness, I will never plug my nose during a sneeze again! S'not worth it. Get it? snot?

Here is the article for you!


Smiling is my favorite.

I am all about videos right now!

I've always really enjoyed smiling. It really is one of my favorite things to do. I love texting sometimes because my friends are so funny when I am texting them that it gives me that urge to smile and it gives me the endorphins that I need to get through my day! I love when people tell me that they love my smile. I think it's because I do a lot of social smiling but when people see my real smile they understand me or something. I also really like noticing other peoples smiles. When they interact with new people, when they interact with someone they don't particularly like or when they interact with someone they like very much. Look for it next time you are people watching at the crossroads! It's fun.

My last Tim Tebow post

Tim Tebow meets the media.

I am no longer going to be a fan. Until they play the Broncos.

He's still really cute and such a gentlemen. He uses "ma'am"!

Online media! 3/23/2012

Conan O'brien gave the commencement speech for Dartmouth on the 23rd.

I am so jealous! Can we get Jimmy Fallon for our commencement speech? Does anyone who I would have to talk to to submit this request?



Update on Tim Tebow.

Tim is going to be traded to the Jets. I just recently got into football so I just like the teams that my friend, Tom, tells me to like. I can make my own decision but based on all of his biased arguments about all the teamsand all the players on the NFL, I like all the teams and players that he does. With that being said.... Tim Tebow is now an enemy. Jets? BLECH! That's what I've been trained to say about that! (Secretly I'll still love Tim Tebow).


The Cinnamon Challenge.

So I guess there's a new craze taking YouTube by storm. It's gone viral. The cinnamon challenge. It's kind of like the Gallon Challenge. You have to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon with no water. I did this before it was cool haha. I really did though. I tried it when I was in high school and I would advise that you not do it! It was horrible! I had eaten a bowl of luck charms a while before. I'll tell you what, lucky charms do not look or taste the same on the way up.

In case you were wondering, yes, the WSJ did talk about the Cinnamon Challenge. I guess this challenge is so big that "the governor of Illinois did it on a radio show. Two NBA players were chastised for videotaping it. [And] a school in Pennsylvania banned open-top boots because of it."
(umm aren't all boots open top? If they aren't, how do you get your feet in?). The article talks about what doctors have to say about this and it warns the parents about. Parents just don't understand. But seriously doctors say its not good (no internet challenge "good" for you). Doctors say that the cinnamon can prevent air from getting to the lungs! Scary. I don't think any kid in his right mind would do it twice though! Is doing this challenge once gonna kill you? Maybe. I wouldn't try it if you haven't already.


I feel sorry for him too.

This week one of my favorite articles in the WSJ was one about Tim Tebow. The writer is just saying how he feels sorry for Tim Tebow because the Denver Broncos are flirting with Peyton Manning, "the Hall-of-fame-to-be quarterback." The writer of this article made a really good point. Yes, it's all business and Tim Tebow, obviously, can't even touch Peyton Manning but you have to feel sorry for the guy.

My favorite part of the article is where Jason Gay, the writer, says "Please know: I'm under no illusion that Tim Tebow is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning. If Tim Tebow were to be sprinkled with magic Lombardi dust and simultaneously possessed by the spirits of John Unitas, Ottow Graham and Popeye the Sailor-Man, he would be lucky to be one-quarter as good as Peyton manning at his best. Even at 35 and recovering from an injury-- actually even if he drank a 12-pack of Meister Brau and wore a big bird costume-- Manning is surely a better passer and a game manager than Tebow is after his second year of pro quarterbacking."

And with that being said, can we all agree that Tebow did guide the Broncos to wins in 7 of 8 starts putting the Broncos at the top? But this article is saying that the Broncos want to replace one famous quarter with an even more famous quarter. Like Jason Gay says "just because it's smart doesn't mean it isn't tacky."

This article was just really funny and Gay really makes you feel sorry for Tebow. Or is it that Gay is pulling at MY heart strings because I love Tebow in all of his outlandish, born-again glory? He's just so CUTE, I can't help how I feel. When I read this article and saw that picture of Tebow I was all
I really hate to quote the whole article for you guys but it was just so good! Just this last part was really funny to me and before I quote it I'll tell you what, I will be rooting for Tebow.

"Elway has made it clear that he has no faith in Tebow's long-term viablility. The Jets gave Sanchez 8 figures for his humiliation; I'd be shocked if Elway gives Tebow bus fare and a bag of Munchos. (If Manning does come, let's drop the Avengers-style delusion that he and Tebow will coexist and rule the NFL together...)"
"...If Tebow is shoved out of a franchise that he revived I can't wait for the day that he comes back and plays the Broncos. I want to see 6-22 passing for 78 yards. I want to see passes that wobble like Zip-lock bags full of soup. But I also want to see a last minute drive win it. I'll be pulling for Tebow to exact a Tebow-like revenge."


We grew up different.

This article in the Wall Street Journal called A field Guide to the Middle-Class U.S. Family really got me thinking about the way that I want to raise my kids. But mostly I was just thinking about all the kids that I have babysat all these years and it also made think about the way that I was brought up.

This article says that in American society, families are very "child-focused". Kids do what they want and they are very dependent on their parents. These researchers put cameras in the houses of some families and in one case there was a little girl and she showed a lack of dependency by asking her parents for silverware, not only that but she said "How am I supposed to cut my food?" It never occurred to her that she could get up and get her own silverware. There's another example on there of a little boy with his dad. The little boy asks his dad to untie his shoe, right after his dad takes hid shoe and hands it to him, the kid tells him to put his shoe back on and to tie it, please, as if that word means anything to him. That one bugged me. How could this kid think that he could treat his dad like that? When I was a kid, after my dad my got home from work he would sit on the couch with his feet stretched out, all tired-looking and my sister and I would run over and take his shoes off for him. We had learned that this was a service to him because he was tired when he got home from work.

The article also talks about how children in American society are more preoccupied with objects (toys), than they are with people. In my home, and my culture I guess, the women serve the men their food and the kids wait for their dad to be served his food and then they get their food. In my case my mom serves my dad his food, then my brother and when I'm waiting for my food she says "what are you waiting for? Go get your food." Ok mom, thanks a lot. But seriously thank your mom for making food or all hell will break loose. Now that I'm older I find that I am also expected to serve my dad and brother their food if mom isn't there. Which is fine because that's just a form of gratitude I think.

Parents, in this research, are at a child's beck and call but shouldn't it be the other way around? In these houses that they conducted research in they found that parents "asked" their kids to do something rather than demanded that they do it. So of course these kids think that they can say no. Ok but what really bothers me is that they did all the research in middle class home in the LA area. I don't think that they should have concentrated their research their. LA has their own culture and I can see that this research is so "LA" you know what I'm saying? I mean, if they did this research here in Idaho I doubt that they would have the same findings. And if they did this study in the South it would be so different. All kids are taught at a young age that anyone older than them, they reply with "Yes, ma'am, No ma'am. Yes, sir. No, sir." It's just different everywhere. For these researchers to concentrate their whole study on one part of the country is simply unfair to the well-mannered kids in the rest of the country. Am I right!?


I got 99 problems

Alright let's talk about this Kony thing. Ok let me rephrase that, let ME talk about Kony in such a way that I might express my true feelings about this subject. I doubt I will offend anyone but if i do offend someone let me assure you that it was my intention to offend you. Jokes!

I've known about this Invisible Children thing for a while now. Since like '06 or '07. One of my friends used to be way into it. She even slept out in the streets of Atlanta in a cardboard box. And even then I thought it was weird (for lack of better words). My opinion is that maybe we should work on our problems here before we commit ourselves to saving the world. I mean its great that they are trying to raise awareness of this Kony guy but what can I do from all the way over here? Yes, I know that I can donate money to the Invisible Children but are these children even going to see that money? Considering that we can't even see the children-- get it?
Invisible? No? Ok.--

Another friend of mine told me that she looked up more information about where all the donated money goes and she said that most of the money went to film equipment. Well that's great, I'm paying for someone to add movies to their portfolio but what about the invisible children? With that being said, why can't we find a good cause that is closer to home. I really liked that one movement that was raising awareness of suicide, addiction, depression and self injury, it was called "to write love on her arms". Compared to what's going on in Uganda this might seem like "first world problems" but you know what? They are our problems. These are things that our neighbors, our family, our peers are all struggling with and instead we want to turn a b
lind eye and pretend that we can in fact save Uganda when we can't even save ourselves.
I just think that we should do more for the mother land before we try to fix other people's problems.

Anyway, if you don't know about the Kony 2012 thing, here's the WSJ article on it.

Make me see your point by leaving a comment.

And last but not least here's a picture that I thought was funny and described the way I felt about how the video blew up on Facebook.


Februaruy 25, 2012

The paper for that weekend was the weekend that fashion week ended so there was a lot of talk about new fashion trends and what not. It's also my favorite time to get the Wall Street Journal because at the end of the month it has the WSJ. Magazine! I love that magazine! For the month of February Charlotte Gainsbourg (Stephanie on the Science of Sleep) graced the cover. They talked to her about being a style icon but I didn't read it I just looked at her lovely photo shoot. I just tried to look for a link for the photos but I couldn't find one.
So anyway, My favorite article that I read was the article about all the patterns coming out this season! The designers have finally learned that plastering their initials on every piece of clothing is actually pretty tacky. Instead of all the letters, d

esigners are designing their own patterns and prints. Or if they aren't designing them per se they are cla
iming them for themselves.
For example this season Prada has designed "hot rod" cars.

Jil Sander spring 2012 has fluorescent paisley working the runway for her.
The article goes on to talk about the reason that patterns are "in" this season is because today more than ever it is a lot easier to make your patterns because of technology. There are inkjet printers that are perfect for printing on fabrics. I thought it was really cool. It kind of made me want to make my own pattern! If only I was that creative right? Here's to dreaming and wishing and hoping. I'm going to go doodle some patterns....

Proenza Schouler , Spring 2012

Erdem, Spring 2012
I got this ^ image here.