Control Your Volume

Sounds like we're talking about music right? Wrong! The WSJ just had an article about how to lower the volume of your sneeze. This article tells us why some people are louder sneezers than others. It has a lot to do with our individual anatomy. Which makes sense, I feel like smaller people have that mousy sneeze where, afterwards, everyone always says "oh my goodness, bless your heart, that was a such a cute little sneeze!" You've never heard anyone say that? Maybe I'm the only one that says that. I've always been pretty jealous of those sneezers. I mean, who doesn't want their sneeze to be cute? I am not a loud sneezer comparatively speaking but they can get pretty loud.

The article shares some suggestions on how to lower the volume of your sneeze. One of these suggestiong is to clench your teech and keep your lips from touching so that pressure doesn't build up, causing you to make a silly noise with your mouth. This noise might cause someone to say "bless your heart, that was a crazy noise."

But the thing about this article that scared me most is that, Jayakar Nayak, assistant professor of otolaryngology at the Stanford Sinus Center said that you should never plug your nose when you sneeze. I am so guilty of plugging my nose! He says that "medical journals have recorded incidents of larynx fractures, voice changes , ruptured eardrums, damage to soft tissue in the neck, bulging eyeballs, bladder incontinence and more." As you as my witness, I will never plug my nose during a sneeze again! S'not worth it. Get it? snot?

Here is the article for you!

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