March 28th 2012

This picture was taken on instagram and tweeted at the Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin. This story isn't new but I think that it is important to talk about. There is so much talk about this kid and the guy who killed him. A lot of people are talking about how this was a hate crime. Some say that this kid was armed others say that he had a bag of skittles in pocket. Some say that the man that killed him was told my authorities to stay in his car, others say that he shot him because Trayvon came at him in a threatening manner. Personally I think that there is too much publicity on the fact that he was black. So he was black. Isn't it a shame that a boy has been killed, no matter what color his skin was. As far as I can tell the reports have said that Trayvon was not armed. That, right there is what we should be focusing on. Not that he was dressed in a big hoodie. There are also some pictures going around of Trayvon where he is making obscene gestures at the camera and people are saying that this is a testament to his character but what teenager doesn't make obscene gestures as cameras these days? I can name a handful. The things is that people are starting to lose faith in America's justice system. It's corrupt for sure but in the end I really do believe that Trayvon's killer will be brought to justice. Have some faith people.

What do you guys think about this whole mess?

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