Romney is losing the Hispanic vote

The name of the article for today is called "GOP Tries to Woo Hispanics"

It talks a lot about the immigration laws. Rubio wants to pass the Dream Act. Originally the Dream Act was going to allow illegal students to gani citizenship if they were to do at least 2 year of college. Rubio has reviewed the law so that it does not grant these students citizenship but it will grant them legal status. Romney is altogether against it. Romney thinks that laws like the one in Arizona will make people self-deport and come back legally. I don't think he understands the dream act is not for everyone. It is for students. For children brought here before they knew any better. Rubio bring up a girl that was brought here when she was 4 years old, she is her class valedictorian and on her way to college but she received a deportation notice. She was 4 when she came here! She had no choice it's not fair that they are uprooting her from everything that she knows to be home. This is not some delinquent school drop out selling drugs, she's has the potential to contribute to this country if they would let her. There are thousands and thousand of kids in her situation. Romney is out if his mind is students like her are going to self-deport. This is their country. This is the only country they've known. And I bet you anything that most of these students don't even know the language of the country that they were born in. There has to be some sort of immigration reform. Romney can not think that the only solution is to deport EVERYONE. Romney has lost so many respect points in my book.

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